Hello World! Tuesday 3rd May 2016

On May 3rd, invited guests will be offered the chance to peek under the tarpaulin at the progress being made in building Edinburgh Cityscope . The event will also showcase recent developments in three projects in digital humanities - Lit Long, MESH and Curious Edinburgh - that exemplify what we are trying to achieve with Cityscope for all fields of mappable knowledge. 

There will be an opportunity at the event for you to fly through your own data mapped onto a 3D visualisation of central Edinburgh.

Just bring along a CSV file on a memory stick with data in the format <longitude>, <latitude>, <data field 1>, <data field 2>

It will speed data processing if none of the locations in your dataset lie outwith the City of Edinburgh limits which are N= 55'57'58.00 - 55'55'58.00 / W= 3'14'40.00 - 3'09'10.00

Attendance at the meeting is by invitation only, but if you would like to come please email Morna.Findlay@ed.ac.uk 

Venue: ECCI, Infirmary Streeet

Time: 14:00 - 19:00


Running order

Vision and Progress

14:00 Edinburgh Cityscope - Hello World. Prof. Chris Speed, Edinburgh College of Art 

14:10 From Edinburgh Cityscope to Edinburgh, Global City of Learning. Prof. Jonathan Silvertown, Biological Sciences and Prof. Karen Forbes, ECA

14:20 The nuts and bolts of Edinburgh Cityscope. Ben Butchart, EDINA

14:30 Using Edinburgh Cityscope to engage the University with the public. Prof. Lesley McAra, School of Law

AHRC Digital Engagement projects

14:40 Lit Long - Mapping literary Edinburgh, Prof. James Loxley, Department of English

14:45 Mapping Edinburgh’s Social History (MESH). Prof. Richard Rodger, School of History, Classics & Archaeology

14:50 Curious Edinburgh. Dr Niki Vermeulen & Dr Bill Jenkins, School of Social & Political Science


14:55  Intro to the hands-on part of the event. Prof. Chris Speed

15:00 - 16:40 

Five parallel sessions

 A. Tea & Coffee

 B. Edinburgh Cityscope: Data in, Hands-on, Go!

 C. Digital humanities demos

 D. MyEd Integration with Edinburgh Cityscope, demo (Martin Morrey, LTW/IS)

 E. EDINA, Citizen Science Survey App and Cityscope (Nicola Osborne?)


16:40 Plenary questions and feedback. Chris Speed/ Jonathan Silvertown

17:00 AHRC Digital Engagements reception with wine

19:00 Event ends


Please note: parking is extremely limited at the venue.


Date of the event: 
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
ECCI, Edinburgh